Cancer Month, Yay

Oct 6
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First things first, Steve Jobs is dead. Long live Steve Jobs?

Also, apparently a bunch of local Saratoga businesses are “going pink” for breast cancer awareness month. If you feel like adding a very unnatural color to your hair, between 4 and 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11, customers can come in to Brooklyn Attitude where for a $10 cash or check donation, they can get a pink hair extension. The pink hair piece shows your support for breast cancer awareness and the $10 donation goes toward reaching a $2,000 goal. [Saratogian]

This seems to be the month for fundraising, as well. There are at least two more (that I’m aware of) happening this month -

  • The Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation will be having a pub crawl at OBI on Oct. 15 to benefit the Spirit of Life (y’know, that statue of the chick in Congress Park? Yeah, that). Tickets are $25 each or $90 for 5. Apparently there’s a scavenger hunt, too?
  • The March of Dimes is happening at Vapor (hello 40-something gamblers) – but I did go last year, and they had some pretty amazing food. So if you feel like forking over $50 so newborns don’t die so frequently, go for it.
  • Oh, and apparently, the Saratoga City Hall is in need of repairs, too. So give them money after you’ve given it to everyone else.

In related money news, the Friendly’s in the CVS plaza closed yesterday, cause Friday’s filed for bankruptcy. And Frankie Flores (local horse-type artist, for those who weren’t aware), is currently facing charges for tax fraud. With a name like that, it doesn’t surprise me.  [Saratogian, TU]

As a total aside, for shits and giggles, IBI went to the Fortunate Cup and actually got work done. Gasp!

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