Sep 17

Calling All Writers

In case you haven’t noticed, the blog is fairly dead lately. Not because I don’t love Saratoga, but a. I don’t have time and b. I’ve moved out of the area. So if anyone is interested in writing for the blog on a semi-regular basis, give a shout at – and if for some reason that doesn’t get through, comment!


Apr 23

Riggis and Reality TV

Desperate Housewives (season 7)

Desperate Housewives (season 7) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you weren’t already aware, the Riggi family is perfect bait for the fans of the ” Real Housewives” set, especially as the only time there could be drama happening (track season) is coming up soon.

Yes, ladies and gents, the Riggi castle (and the inhabitants of said castle) are currently filming a reality TV series – whether it gets aired or not is still a question. Michelle said “I don’t really want this to be publicized yet,” she said. “If you want to stay on my good side, you won’t write anything now.” (Well, then maybe you shouldn’t have had an interview with a publication like the Times Union. Oops?

Feb 5

The New Bowtie Theater Couldn’t Come Soon Enough

Well, according to the TU, the Regal Cinemas at Wilton Mall (and the one in Latham circle) is closing down – on Feb. 18! Likely due to lack of attendance. So, ladies and gents, lets hope that the Bowtie Theater opens up damn quick or else we’ll all have to drive down to Clifton Park to watch movies and eat uber jumbo popcorn, for like, three months. Gasp.

Jan 31

Saratoga Chowderfest 2013

It’s that time of year again, and Chowderfest is this weekend, Feb. 2, kicking off at 11.

As the gang over at IBI puts it – “just make chowder and make it delicious.”

Jan 7

Porches and Primadonnas

So, two things going on, completely unrelated to each other.

Hatties’s apparently has the gall to name their porch. It’s heated, and now called the “French Quarter Lounge.” [TU]

And Circus is having their karaoke competition this month. There are prizes. And semi-finals. [Saratogian]

In other news, start gearing up for Chowderfest. Got about a month to go…

Dec 27


So, it’s nearly January and we have snow. Yay? Unfortunately, I can’t link to All Over Albany’s snowpacolypse meter – maybe they retired it in honor of the passing of the end of the world according to the Mayans?

Dec 15

Elizabeth’s Table Closed

As reported by Steve Barnes, Elizabeth’s Table (a.k.a the new Cupcake Lab) has closed. I’m sad to say I never had the opportunity to try the place. Best of luck to them in whatever future ventures they may pursue.

Dec 14

Glut of Organic

First, it was Trader Joe’s down in Colonie Center. Then it was news that Whole Foods was moving in, too. Then we heard that things were getting a little closer and the Healthy Living Market was moving into Wilton Mall. But, now, apparently, we need more plans for healthy food options: Fresh Market is coming to Excelsior and Marion. Fancy.

Oct 15

Bowtie + Northshire

If you haven’t heard already (and if you haven’t heard, you’re probably living under a rock because this is quite late) Bowtie Cinema has announced that they’re coming to Saratoga – an 11 theater where the old Price Chopper was in town. It’s going to be called “Criterion Cinemas” though – fancy. The expected open date is early summer ’13.

And Northshire (the local bookstore in Manchester Center, VT – if you haven’t been there, take a field trip) has officially made a statement of intent for the new construction in the former parking lot by Lilian’s on Broadway. Hopefully they can raise the money to come down to Saratoga – he’s looking to have around $1 million to be comfortable in moving to a new location in Saratoga Springs.

Sep 22

Back to Fall

It’s officially Fall. I’m pretty sure that Saratoga Apple is one of the few orchards around that is still doing u-pick. And if you were up early this morning, you might have joined the Tour de Donut going on today which includes Saratoga Apple.

Also, it seems if you want to do something in the area this week, it’s the Balloon Festival up in Queensbury or Pearlapalooza down in Albany. (Have fun going over the Twin Bridges).

Sep 1

Travers is Over

I think the title says it all – Traver’s is over, and this is the last hurrah for track season – the steeplechase that was supposed to happen last weekend got canceled. (Aw, I’m sooo bummed. Right). So get ready for this weekend, and go out into the crowds if you want to. The TU has a pretty good schedule of what’s going on.

Also, a little birdie told me that Northshire Books signed the lease for the Borders location. But I’m not getting my hopes up…yet.

Aug 16

It’s Track Season

So yeah, it’s track season and Travers is this weekend. Druther’s is open, and there is an ice cream throwdown soon. I’ll be back around more, promise. But if anyone is interested in writing for Strictly Saratoga, shoot an email to Enjoy the season, all.

Jul 3

Happy 4th!

If you want to go see the fireworks and stuff, check out the listing here – from All Over Albany. To quote:

” Saratoga’s All-American Celebration
The 4th of July Parade begins at 10 am and festivities continue all day long, fireworks at dusk in Congress Park.
If you’re looking for an all day celebration, there’s a lot going on at this festival: a BBQ and dessert festival, historic tours, photo-ops with historic figures, and a classic car show.”

We’re also apparently the 5th best small town to celebrate tomorrow’s holiday, according to ABC. (According to the IBI crew).

Brace yourself, Phish is coming to town. 3 day weekend. (Of course, if you’ve been listening to EQX, you know that already).

Jun 22

stuff and things

We’re getting a movie theater – in the new construction by the old Price Chopper. And the Vic officially opens this weekend. Go escape from the heat.

May 28

Happy Memorial Day

The website is a year old. Ish. The first post on here was about Memorial Day activities in 2011.

So my sentiment remains the same, and I hope that everyone has a lovely Memorial Day.

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